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4 Jul 2013

Online Slots

On the subject of Online Slot Machines, lots of people are fans. They love having the ability to go on to their personal computer and play. There are millions of people that have their friends over using
12 Jun 2013

Online Video Poker

There are lots of people which didn’t realize just how long ago Video Poker had been introduced. In the 1970's, some from the first Video Poker devices made their own way in to casinos. They had been
6 Jun 2013

Online Scratch Cards

As I said before, you could spend huge amounts of time and money going out to a traditional casino, or you could give online scratch cards a shot. You’re already gambling, what’s to lose?
4 Jun 2013

Blackjack Tournaments

For higher strategists, it's best to try being the previous position in the last round. Advantage goes along and forward and backward with every round, but an important round would be the last one particular. This could